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Robert studied at the Art School of The Society of Arts & Crafts in Detroit Michigan and was a member of the American   Society of Portrait Artists. He opened his  first studio in Windsor       Ontario, in 1963. His love of art followed him west to Vancouver British Columbia where he opened the Danielle Gallery in 1967 to instruct in Portraiture and life drawing.

His wife Karen, and their daughter Tracy moved to Rhodesia in southern Africa and spent       app. five years enjoying the sights and sounds of the bush. Their youngest daughter Roberta calls Africa her birth home! After returning to British Columbia and starting the Neighbourhood Art     Studios  he began a career in art education.

He is considered a good artist by his peers, and has gained great recognition as an extraordinary teacher and mentor to both amateur as well as  professional artists.

Literally thousands of young and old students have passed through his unique method of learning how to draw and paint.

During August and September 2018, Robert was invited by the International Children’s Art       Educational Foundation to speak to over 400  art instructors in Shanghi and Tipai China on how to teach children.

At seventy seven, Robert has now semi-retired to a  small atelier in Walnut Grove Langley British Columbia. Here he shares creative space and art shows with talented artist  Marguerite Bouchard.