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Website Design & Business IT

Hello, let me introduce myself, My name is Kevin Legge and I am a technology consultant with a Graduate Degree in Applied Information Technology. My specialty is communication technology, websites, surveys, mailing lists and email. As I always say “it’s not just the technology you use, it is how you use it.”

I have over twenty years experience in internet and intranet technology for small to medium sized business. Key areas I focus on include; Websites – Responsive websites are my specialty; Email Usage and Exchange Server; Intranet Portals including Sharepoint Technology; Small Business Server Set Up and Management, Data Migration and CRM set up.

Take a look at some of my websites…and you are looking at one now!

My clients include many small and medium businesses from Hong Kong to Whistler.

Give me a call.

building wesbsites with direction and magnitude!

Phone (604) 220-2724