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RDI Certified Consultant

What is RDI Therapy?

Relationship Development Intervention (RDI® Therapy) is a research-based treatment program for individuals and families facing Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, and other developmental challenges. As an RDI Consultant, I work directly with families, creating individualized programs that target the key areas of deficit, while empowering the parents through knowledge, support, and program implementation, to become the best advocate and mindful guide for their child. Unlike other therapy programs, RDI Therapy does not attempt to “mask” behaviours, but rather focuses on creating dynamic thinking in children so they may be equipped to handle all of life’s excitement and challenges, thereby opening the door to greater independence!

About Me:

As a wife, and mom of 4, I have a passion for working with families and children. I feel quite humbled and privileged in my role as an RDI™ Consultant to be able to help families ease their burden, provide support and comfort, and reignite dreams that sometimes feel have been extinguished during the early days after diagnosis.
Having walked this road with our own family, RDI™ has been unique in the incredibly positive ways it has transformed all aspects of our family’s lives, and allowed our child to grow and develop in ways we never would have believed possible. As a result of such positive successes I have seen with ours and other families using the RDI program, I pursued my own RDI™ Professional Training, and started Beyond Limits Autism Consulting , so that I might be able to support other families in their own unique journey. I am so grateful to each family for inviting me into their lives so they can see what positive results RDI therapy can

Juliane Webster